The Half Yearly Review July 2017

Hello eveyone, July is here in a blink of an eye. I love reflecting on the past for a few reasons. A) I get to know what I have done well, so I can continue with that. B) Areas that I need improvements on. C) Setting new goals as soon as I have achieved the old ones. Let’s have a look at My New Year Resolution 2017.

  1. Minimalism-I have to say I have benefit a lot demo this wonderful practice. I did not buy a single piece of clothing and I am loving it. In fact, I am donating another lot of clothing to further declutter my wardrobe. I love it! the space I live in is clean, tidy and simple. I actually spend a lot more time doing other things I enjoy rather than focusing on material things that I own or own me. “Minimalism is an appreciation of space”
  2. The Happiness Project-I am surprise that I actually stick to The Happiness Project, blogging and reflecting on events/occassions that make me happy. I find myself happier in a lot of ways. “Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive”
  3. Skincare Goals-Well, I have to admit that I am quite slack in this year when it comes to skincare. I hvnt been using as many products on my face compared to the past especially when my eczema flared up. My skincare routine is very simple now, cleanse, tone, I now skip serum (Not sure if it id beneficial or not), facial oil, moisturisers. My skincare stash is getting less as I am finishing them. Such a great feeling.
  4. Haircare/Bodycare-I still persist with my paraben, sulphate and silicon free shampoo. It is hard as those shampoo are hard to source and they are not cheap. I have also added a scalp cleanser to my routine and the result is amazing. I shall review that product soon.
  5. Diet-I have successfully stop stocking chips, carbonated drinks in my pantry. It was a hard battle. I now focus more on plant based meals, whole food and I find myself less bloated. My guilty pleasure is the occasional fast food. My favourite is BigMac!

Thanks for reading, do you reflect on a regular basis? Please share on the comment below.


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