The Happiness Project June 2017

Hi Everyone, how are we? Welcome to another post of The Happiness Project. I didn’t blog about May because The hightlight of the month is us going to Japan.

The first week of June is pretty exciting. We were super tired from our long flight back down under from Japan. We could not wait to see our furbaby once we have landed. We were filled with joy when we saw our little furbaby, Bailey. Romeo, Bailey’s best friend came to live with us for a few weeks while Mich and Ray went travelling.

The second week of June we welcome an impulsive decision by booking  flight to Sydney for an important event. The spark and enthusiast when my husband asked if we could attend the event is priceless. It was an amazing event as we got to meet the heros behind a brand. The managing director is very down to earth, humble and inspirational. He has inspired me in a lot of ways. I definitely have to learn from his story.

The third week of June is pretty average with while I picked up extra shift to help out the ward. I think I know what my calling is in my life, therefore, I will work hard and contribute to the community with the skills that I have.

The final week of June is filled with catching up with friends. It is wonderful to listen to their success in lives, getting engaged ad such. Such a wonderful month. July is approaching and that means we half of 2017 is gone, what are your remaining goals and aspirations? How are you going to achieve them?

I will blog about mine soon. Thanks for reading. Hope all is well. See you guys soon.


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