Be more with less, my minimalism journey.

Hey everyone, how are we going? I hope all is well. I am going to share my journey of minimalism and my thoughts and comments in practising in the last 6 months.

Introduction: I was a hoarder. I was a collector. My husband is a minimalist. My husband loves decluttering. I went crazy on end of season sale and end of year sale. My husband has no emotions when it comes to sale. Having moved interstate twice and move house a few times, I have donated/thrown away 3/4 of my wardrobe and other possessions. I sat down one day and looked at the possessions that have to go. I said to myself, I have to stop this. Therefore, I restrict my spending and things I can buy. It wasn’t until I came to the word minimalist and listening to a few youtubers/bloggers sharing their own experience. There is no rules when it comes to minimalism, you set your own rules and decide what you want to keep and let go.

Thoughts and comments:

  1. Prioritise: I have learnt to create more room for what is important. Eg, while decluttering my belongings, I have donated/given away/thrown away things that are not serving its purpose in the household. my wardrobe suddenly become more spacious. It takes less time to choose what I want to wear before going out.
  2. More time to focus on what I embrace: With less amount of time spent on belongings and thinking of what items I should buy on the next sale, I actually spend more time doing what I enjoy, e.g., reading and walking. Most importantly, I find joy in not focusing on material possessions. It was hard to begin with, especially when the world tells you that you should have this and that, the fear of missing out (FOMO) does not help as well. No one can tell you what you should have or how you should live, you should define your life and do more things that makes you happy.
  3. Travelling light: Travelling has become extremely easy because I do not have to bring a check in luggage. For instance, we went to Japan not too long ago and we went with 3 handcarry luggages for the 2 of us. It saves us times having to wait for the luggage.
  4. Dress with less: As stated in the introduction, i am left with 1/4 of my wardrobe after moving and such. I have learnt a few things when it comes to clothing, only buy quality clothing. Yes, you are paying more to start with, but it will last longer and you can wear them more often, thus reducing pollution. I am very conscious on  the effect of textile pollution, therefore, I will not buy a piece of clothing unless I really need it. I will always recycle my unwanted clothing instead of throwing them away. Secondly, I buy a piece of clothing that I will see myself wearing in the next 5 years. Thirdly, I quit fast fashion. On the side note, I have not bought 1 piece of clothing since January 2017! Yay…
  5. Save some extra cash: Some of you may have noticed that I hvnt been buying a lot of skincare/make up since end of last year. That was a deliberate move as I have to finish all the products that I have in my cupboard. I bought a few product as I really need them as my eczema was playing up and I didn’t have any products that can help during that time. I put aside some money from not buying skincare/make up/clothing/shoes. I then use that money for things I like, e.g., travelling.

Conclusion: I have found peace, happiness and joy practising minimalism in the past 6 months. My husband is actually happy with my progress. We are planning for another holiday and we were very happy. I have read a few books about minimalism and decluttering, keeping your house and life simple. Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, The joy of less by Francine Jay.

I’d rather have extra space and extra time than extra stuff—Francine Jay.


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