Day 6 Tokyo

Hi everyone, welcome to Day 6 Tokyo. I do apologise as it took me so long to complete Day 6. I actually wrote Day 1 to Day 5 while I was commuting or waiting in the line. Anyway, Day 6 of Tokyo, here is goes.

Bidding Tokyo goodbye was not easy at all. It was a rainy day. I spent a few hours in the morning packing and getting things organised before flying back to Melbourne. We had to be by the station at around 1730hr, so we have decided to stay nearby the hotel as we left our baggages there.

First stop: Nakajima. This place opens at 1130hr and we were there at 1100, we got a table when it opens as we were the second person in line, but, the line was long after we left. This place is famous for their sardines. It is a Michelin Star restaurant. We ordered basically everything on the menu. Sardine Sashimi, steamed sardines, deep fried sardines, and sardines in eggs. Yummy in the tummy. It comes with rice, miso soup, warm green tea, pickled vegetables.

Second Stop: Isetan Shinjuku. It was raining that day, my shoes and socks were wet! I was not happy. We went to Isetan Shinjuku hoping that some retail therapy will do the trick, but, we didn’t find anything we like.
Third Stop: Starbucks. I was craving for coffee that time, and we had not tried Starbucks in Japan, I ordered a cup of latte, man that latte is so good compared to the ones I had in Melbourne, my husband ordered matcha latte, and it was great as well.

Fourth Stop: Heading to Narita Airport. Bye bye Tokyo. You have been great.

Thanks for reading.


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