Day 5 Tokyo

Hello everyone, we were exhausted on day 5. We have done so much walking. Anyway, adventures as below. 

First stop: tsukiji fish market. We took the train and it was drizzling as we went there. We had octopus feet which is great. Look at the tuna head. 

We had coffee at a local coffee shop. I tried their house blend. We then had sushi platter. Yum. 

Next stop: Namiyokeinari shrine. It has an extensive history. The fish market was moved from Kanto after the earthquake. They initially had troubles building but after the shrine was built, the construction work went well. 

Next stop: Jugetsudo tea house. It is the green tea season as I was told by the lovely lady. I have always wanted to sit down and learn more about the Japanese tea culture. The lady explained to me that sencha is the fresh tea leaves while the matcha is grounded tea powder. I ordered the sencha with some matcha cake on the side. It was great. I enjoyed the second and third brew better as I find the first brew a bit too overpowering for me. They have three stores worldwide. Tsukiji, Ginza and Paris. It was such an eye opener for me. I have really enjoyed my time there. 

Next stop: Ginza. We had a quick stroll around the area. We weren’t into shopping lately so we did not spend a lot of time there. 

Next stop: Shinjuku. We went back to our hotel as we were both exhausted. We had a little nap. Bought some 711 no. 1 dessert. Who would have known they were from 711. They taste divine! 

Next stop: Shinjuku taketoro. It is famous for its ramen. We ordered some salad, fried tofu, fried Japanese yam balls to go with our rice. Amazing. The dessert we had was daifuku. Happy in the tummy. 

Next stop: Oedo beer festival. We had another beer before we went to bed. 

 Thanks for reading, not too productive but we have had a lot to eat. 


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