Day 4 Tokyo 

Greetings from Tokyo! It’s day 4 today and here is my little adventure. 

First stop:akashibara. Akashibara is famous for its electronic devices and if you like Japanese animation, this is the place for you. We were there quite early so most of the shops are not opened yet. We had a cup of coffee while writing postcards and people watching at the same time. It was great. That coffee I had was by far the best for my liking and it is similar to Melbourne’s coffee. 

We had a look at the Sega buildings where people can play games inside. It was an eye opener for me really. We then had pablo, it tastes so good and the fillings literally just melts in your mouth. The crust was beautifully made with rich buttery taste. 

Second stop: samurai museum. It was an unplanned visit because my back was killing me. I could not walk anymore. We walked to the samurai museum after a few hours rest. There is admission fee, an English tour is included. The guide explained the history very well and it was very interesting to learn about samurai. We looked through the armour, swords, helmets etc. There was a performance as well and you can wear the Japanese traditional costumes and someone will take a picture for you. Amazing experience. 

Next stop: Ichiran Ramen. A lot of friends had recommended this place. I have to say, it is indeed the best ramen ever. It is actually a very interesting experience as we had to order what we want, and paid at the vending machine. We were allowed into the ‘restaurant’ where each person has their own little cubicle. Staff will check your order and place the ramen in front of you, and shut the blinds while you enjoy your ramen. Very interesting experience indeed. 

Next stop: we intended to visit the Shinjuku garden but it was closed at 1630. 

Next stop: Tokyo metropolitan tower. Please check the closing times as different towers have different operating hours. We were there at around 1730 hrs and the view was great. Once again, we were able to see the Tokyo Skytree from here. 

Next stop: Oedo beer festival. We were lucky as the oedo beer festival is being held close to where we stay. We had the privilege to try a few beer as we got the beer platter. They have special flavours which I think is very special. We had mango, watermelon, melon and pear. We also had miyazaki charcoal chicken. It has a very special texture, leaning more towards the tender side. It is full of flavour. 

Next stop: maidreamin cafe where waitresses wearing maid costumes. Cover charge is 800 yen. 500 yen to take pictures with the waitress. My husband wanted to experience it so we went. 

Again, I walked more than 25,000  steps that day. 🙂 

Thanks for reading. 


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