Day 3 Tokyo 

Hi everyone, how are we going? Hope all is well, day 2 has been quite hectic to be honest as we have travelled around the city quite a bit and I have walked more than 25,000 steps in 12 hours. Hahaha. Anyway, here it goes.

The first stop of the day was imperial palace. It was disappointing as we didn’t get to go in as we have missed the tour. Note to self: please check the time of the tour. However, we had a walk around the area and the view was breathtaking. It feels as if we were going back in time walking though the beautiful Japanese garden.

Highlight of the day: a tour to the seiko museum. My hubby is a watch fanatic, the first place he had to visit was the seiko museum. It was a great trip as we have stopped by a lot of places on the way to the seiko museum.

Next Stop: sensoji temple, Akasuka. We walked through the old streets before reaching the front of the temple. It felt like going back in time. This little place has amazed me in a lot of ways. There is this special shop selling arts and postcards. The shop owner is the fifth generation. We bought some postcards from him because I it was just too good to miss.

This is the famous sensoji temple. The place was jam packed. The architecture is amazing. We could actually see the Tokyo Skytree here. Win!


We had unagi for lunch. This little shop is located in a quiet street. It opens only from 1100-1400. It will close early too when it sells out. We had the privilege to sit in front of the table where the owner prepared the eels right in front of us. She barbequed the eels with charcoal. Prepared some rice, added some sauce, placed the barbequed eels on top of the rice and done! Bento is done. We were not allowed to take photos in the shop.Next Stop: seiko museum. It was an eye opening trip for us as we learnt so much about watch making. I am inspired by their Founder’s motto—One step ahead of the rest. Don’t hurry, don’t stop. Keep any promise whatever difficulties I suffer.

Next stop: Ueno Park. This park is huge and has museums and art gallery. We didn’t spend too much time here as it was quite late in the afternoon and most of the places are closed. However, we did managed to visit another temple. It is a small temple and there is not many ppl here as well. We had a quick stroll and left Ueno.

Next stop: Ginza! A heaven for shoppers who love designers. We had a quick look at the departmental stores and had dinner. We had dinner at Bairin which is famous for their deep fried pork cutlet or Tonkatsu. We also ordered hot sake to go with it and it was amazing! The Tonkatsu is just amazing! We also checked out a calligraphy store, stationery lovers will love that place.

Next stop: Home. I was super exhausted by the end of the day. My lower back is killing me. The good thing is I had a warm bath in the common bath and that made a huge difference for helping me sleep. I could not sleep for the first 2 nights despite being super tired from early flights and such.

Thanks for reading.



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