Day 2 in Tokyo.

Hello everyone, how are we going? I hope all is well. I am going to share a quick blog about my second day in Tokyo.

First things first, we went to Harajuku. We didn’t try their crepes because we just had breakfast. It was a beautiful 26degree sunny day. We went to the owl forest because truth be told I have never seen an owl in my life. It is heartbreaking to see the owl being chained to the trees. However, I am sure they are well looked after.  

The main reason we went to Harajuku is to see the famous meiji shrine. Once again, we were fascinated by the beautiful architecture and history. More pictures as followed. 

We then walked to Shibuya to see the famous crossings and to have lunch.We have decided to try their tempura. The batter and the tempura sauce is very light and we loved it. 

We then walked around shouts to kill time. We stopped at a cat cafe to get out kitty fix as we miss our little fur ball. It was a great experience. The cats are well trained. The interior of the cafe is very nice. Cats are well looked after. We paid for cat treats in.order to feed them. It was great.

We then stop by to have dessert. The cakes are very nice, especially the green tea mousse cake. The coffee is ordinary. I miss my Melbourne coffee! 

We had barbeque for dinner as my husband wanted to try the Yamagata beef. We went early to this restaurant and the food was soooo tasty. The meat literally melts. Our favourite was the rib maki. 

We then took a train back to Shinjuku, showered and went to the golden gai for some drinks but we could.not find a bar we both liked so we gave it a miss. We then ended up shopping in pharmacy for beauty and skincare products. 

Thank you for reading. Adventure awaits. 


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