Day 1 Tokyo

Hi everyone, how are we all? I hope all is well. Okay! I am in Tokyo currently. I will be here for a week and have a few places to cover. We have decided to go to a tour to see mount fuji. 

Despite not being able to speak a single word of Japanese, we didn’t get lost. It was a great start. The staff are all so helpful at the information station and the in the railway. So, we departed from Shinjuku to Odawara, then hopped on a bus to Hakone. We were able to see the peak of mount fuji then we also decided to have a cruise along the way and the views was breathtaking. I did not regret going on that cruise.

 We then had lunch at a local restaurant, I had soba noodles and my husband had curry rice. It was the best soba noodles I had. Once again, we had no troubles ordering. The waiter was super polite. Too happy with the service. 

We then took a bus back, however, we stopped at hakone-yomoto station. We walked around the old streets of Japan. We also tried their fresh mochi. It just came out from the steamer! We had the best honey cheese tart ever! The taste of the cheese, milk and butter is just amazing! We also had the coffee ice cream which tastes just like coffee. The arts and craft we saw was just beautiful! 

My husband was keen to try their beef so we went to have some steak. It was a wonderful experience as we get to stand eating our steak.

We then walked around the golden gai and had some drinks. It was a great experience. We get to walked around the small alleyway and decide which bar we would go to. We have decided to go to a 60s bar. It was fun enjoying some liquor with songs from the sixties. The boss lady who served us was very friendly. 

Love it. Goodnight. 

Thanks for reading.


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