Hi everyone,how are we going? I hope all is well. I am going to share a lost on wanderlust. I have promised myself to travel to a place I love or a New place I have never been on my 25th birthday. I have been doing that for the last few year and it has been fun. 

I am going to challenge myself by travelling to a place where I think the biggest issue for me is language barrier. We bought the tickets for a very good price, thanks to Jetstar. However,I would love to explore their culture and indulge in good food. Therefore, we are going to this wonderful place.

We have heard a lot of great feedback from friends who had travelled to that city. The glow and happiness I saw in their eyes when they told me their travel stories was amazing. I cannot wait to explore the city myself. We have not planned anything at all but we have a few places in mind that we wanted to go. That will be very exciting as we wanted a relaxing holiday.

I have stopped at three cities in a day which is also amazing. From cold weather to nice tropical weather to nice early summer is awesome.

Cannot wait to explore more of this beautiful city. Where am I? 
More updates will be up on the blog soon. Stay tuned. Till then, have a wonderful weekend. 


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