The Happiness Project April 2017

Hey everyone, welcome to another series of ‘The Happiness Project’. Just a quick introduction on why I started this series in the first place. Life is short, I want to reflect on every week on the year and to relate happiness in my life.

The first week of April has been pretty busy with friends visiting from Malaysia. WOOHOO!.!.! It took me a lot of effort in completing my uni stuff before meeting my friends and to ensure that I can spend quality time with them without stressing out on my uni work. My husband had a wonderful time taking friends around wineries in Melbourne, enjoying wine and cheese plus the lovely weather.

ON the second week of April, a good friend from uni visited Melbourne. We went to uni in adelaide, then got our first job in sydney. We then parted as I continued staying in sydney while she has decided to go back to adelaide. A few years has passed now and I am glad that we were in a position where we are happy with life in general. We went for dinner, coffee and drinks. It is always good to catch up with old friends.

On the third week of April, my husband and I decided to have hotpot at home with his uni mates. We had a wonderful time having hotpot as the weather starts getting cold. It is always good to look back and reflect on the good old times. In additional to that, I have submitted 2 assignments for my topics this semester on the same day! It has been a crazy week. Therefore, I have given myself one day off to just enjoy the day without thinking anything about university.

The highlight of the final week is we went for a short weekend getaway to Brisbane! We stayed in Pullman right in the city, walked to southbank to enjoy and appreciate the water, the buildings and what Brisbane has to offer. Most importantly, we met up with friends we have not seen in years! It was lovely seeing them. Each and everyone of them has inspired me in many ways that I have to rethink my priorities in life. Highlight number 2 is I attended a work dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant. I am so proud to be part of the team doing what we do. I am so grateful to be able to work with these wonderful people.

I am going to end my happiness project with a quote by Estee Lauder—All great things begin with a vision…a dream.

Thanks for reading, have a great month ahead!


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