How to boost productivity

Hi everyone, I am going to blog about tips and tricks to boost productivity. March to May is super busy for me as I have 4 major assignments due in the short timeframe. I have to also work on top of that.

  1. Plan ahead-Write down what you want to achieve in that day. I will normally do this at the start of the day.
  2. Set achievable goals daily-write down what you want to complete that day. I find that a weekly planner is awesome in helping me achieve it and I can easily reflect on what I have done on that day. I love to tick boxes as I feel as if I have achieve my goals.
  3. Find a quiet, comfortable spot-I use to use my dining table as my work space but I actually find that distracting, so I have changed my workspace to my bedroom. It works very well for me.
  4. The 30 minute rule-I started using this 30 minute rule where I concentrate for 30 minutes on my assignments without looking at social media and other non assignment related materials. It works well for me as I have very limited attention span. I will do something else for 5 minutes and get back to my 30 minute rule. I find that I am more productive and able to achieve more in a day.
  5. Mindfulness-After you have complete all the tasks that you have on your list at the set timeframe, reward yourself. Celebrate every little success. I will reward myself with window shopping, a long walk around the neighbourhood, inspirational podcast.

What do you do when you can’t concentrate? Please share and comment below. Thanks for reading.


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