The Happiness Project March 2017

Hi everyone, welcome to another series of The Happiness Project!

I spent the first week of March planning my assignments and getting used to uni. I cannot wait to complete my masters.

The highlight of the second week of March is watching “The Book of Mormon”. I have to say it was such a good show. I love everything about the show. It is really entertaining too.

I spent the third week of March writing my assignments. It sometimes come to a point where it I just do not want to look at it anymore, however, I told myself to take a break, cleared my mind and then come back to it. It feels much better afterwards. Celebrate little success along the way.

I spent the fourth week writing my assignments as well. I did a few extra shifts as I was having more days off because of night shift. Made some friends while working in another department. =)

That sums up my March, how has your week been? I do apologise for the last post as assignments are getting in the way. Images are from Google.


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