Product Review:DermaVeen Intense Moisturising Facial Serum

Hi all, how are we? I want to share a new product I bought last week. I know I am on a skincare ban but the current serum I have at the moment does not seem to agree with the eczema on my face. I started having eczema at the end of last year on my face. Trigger being hot and dry weather.

Last week has been super dry and hot in Melbourne so my skin flared up again, it started by having dry, red, inflammed patches on my face. I know I had to do something quick before it became problematic again. Therefore, I bought this serum from the chemist and never looked back. I went to the chemist that day and wanted to look for a very moisturising serum/moisturiser. This serum caught my attention and I bought it straight away. Retailed at less than $20 for 30 mls.

It comes with a dispenser for easy application. I love this product because it really helped with my eczema. After 3 use, the eczema on my face is gone. I use 3 pumps morning, afternoon and night. It has a thick consistency but gets absorbed very easily. It is not sticky after use and it really moisturises my face and calmed my skin.


I will have to stock up a few bottles because of my usage. I have used half a bottle in less than 2 weeks now. The effects are good and it is of great value.

Thanks for reading.


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