The Happiness Project February 2017

Hello everyone, how are we all, I hope all is well. Welcome to another post of “The Happiness Project”. I started this series as part of my New Year Resolution, aiming to count my blessings and to cherish every moment in life while expressing my gratitude towards people I love and wonderful things that had happened.

On the first week of February, I was rostered on to do night duty. I enjoy the flexibility of shift work, and by doing night duty, I have extra days off, I did a few things on my days off that week and that include pampering myself at my favourite spa with a facial. I have also attended a few webinars as I am doing another project at this stage. I had to learn from the gurus and develop a plan that fits my situation. I have also utilised this time to relax and do thing I enjoy, e.g., read a book, discuss that book with my husband. I have read “The Barefoot Investor” by Scott Pape, such a good book, easy to read and understand. My husband is currently reading “The Brain that Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge. Amazing stories.

On the second week of February, I was rostered on night duty again, which is fine, enjoying my extra days off. I attended a very interesting seminar and that gave me a lot more insight towards my project I am doing. I did a lot of thinking this week about my future and such. I have finally decide what I wanted to achieve in the next few years and slowly planning towards that goal. “Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”—Eleanor Roosevelt.

On the third week of February, we celebrated my husband’s birthday. YAY! We had dinner at a nice restaurant and head home afterwards. Melbourne’s weather has been a bit bipolar again, big thanks to those who has attended the little gathering. Blessed to have you all in life. I met another friend of mine on the same week as well who got married around the same time as me last year. We had such a good time catching up, discussing our future goals over good food. Life is Sweet.

On the final week of February, a lot has happened. I was busy working to start off with as I am back to days at work. We were amazed at how things just falls into place perfectly at the perfect time. We would like to thank a few friends who has looked after Mr. S when he was not in Melbourne. We have been praying for this for a while before getting the ball rolling and I have great faith in HIS timing. “God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it’s worth the wait.”

How has your month been? I hope it has been great. The Happiness Project for January 2017 is here. Enjoy, are you guys ready for March 2017? Oh dear, time flies. Cover image and the first two pictures are from google.


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