Self Caring.

Hello everyone, how are we going, I hope all is well, Lilian, a close friend of mine had asked me to write a short paragraph for her about self caring, things I do on my days off to wind down and to look after myself. I then decided to blog about this and share what I do to look after myself on my days off.

  1. I have random days off as I do shift work and it is hard to find mutual days off with my friends who do shift work as well, however, if we do get the same day off, we will explore new cafes in Melbourne. I like doing that as that gets me off my comfort zone, I will have to use public transport to the city and find that cafe that we have decided on. I will spend time reading on the train/bus as I find that calming. I normally read non fictions that interest me. I am currently reading “Retire Young, Retire Rich” by Robert Kiyosaki. I love catching up with my friends on my days off. ” A book is a gift you can open again and again.”-Garrison Keillor .
  2. Even though I dislike doing chores on days I am working, however, I do enjoy doing chores on my days off. I will allocate one day a week to do chores at home, that includes putting the laundry into the wash, putting them on the lines, folding fresh linens, vacuum, cleaning the floor, tidying the common area, scrubbing the shower cubicle (that’s my favourite chores) and decluttering. I will also cook something special on the day if I am in the mood, if not, I will whip a big pot of meal so I can live on that for the next few days. I do believe that a clean home will have a positive effect on our mood and energy. My husband love coming home from work to a clean house and food on the table. Pretty traditional, but that’s okay. “I love cleaning, weird but true. It really relaxes me.”-Jessie J
  3. I try to exercise on my days off and practice mindfulness. I enjoy walking around the neighbourhood embracing Melbourne’s sunshine. I will listen to podcast that I subscribed to which includes religion, business and finance while walking so I don’t feel bored. I love listening to podcast because I love to listen to what people say about certain topics. It broadens my knowledge on my free time and I feel inspired at the same time, win! I stay away from toxic and negative people as I feel that I don’t that extra negative energy.”Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”-Willie Nelson.

In short, I read to destress and stay focus on a topic I am interested in. I understand that people nowadays are time poor, dedicate half an hour a day to read on a specific area you are interested in, I believe your knowledge will grow in a period of time. If you prefer to read a fiction because that relaxes you, please do so. Cleaning can be relaxing too, decluttering my own home is awesome as I get bigger and cleaner space. Preparing something I enjoy eating is awesome especially I know I have a busy week coming up so I can spend less time cooking. Practicing mindfulness is another approach I take, I reflect on the past week and think of the goods and the bads. I will also think of ways to improve myself in that area. “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”-Charles Swindoll.

Thanks for reading, till next time.


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