V day special edition

Hey everyone, how are we going? I hope all is well. I am going to blog about Valentine’s. It is indeed a difficult topic as some readers love it and some readers hate this topic, nonetheless, I am going to talk about this topic today. I have never done anything special on this day as both of us refused to pay extra for meals we can have everyday. He refused to buy me overpriced flowers on that day itself, which I don’t blame him. Guess where he got me flowers this year? From a fruit and vegetable mart. LOL. I laughed so hard after asking him where he got my those roses.

We are over those stages where we give each other presents on Valentine’s day, birthday, christmas. I don’t know if that is good or bad but we have come to a conclusion that we don’t need anything else now. We will put the money towards doing something else. I will share things that we have gave as presents to each other.

  1. Sponsoring children through World Vision. We believe that the money will do good to those children.
  2. Putting the money that we would buy each other gifts to out travel account. The money will go towards buying air tickets, accommodation and even spending money on the trip itself. Sounds good? YES!.
  3. I will ask him what he wants and I offer to buy it for him but that rarely happens, he will say, no, I don’t need anything.

As I am doing shift work and I normally work on Valentine’s day, we rarely have dinner together. However, I was given the day off as I finished night shift Monday morning. I treat myself to a nice cup of store bought coffee, spending a little me-time, bought groceries for dinner. We had a wonderful time during dinner. However, things got a bit out of hand as my gum was really swollen and had to go to a clinic to get prescription for antibiotics.

That’s my Valentine’s Day in summary. I hope you have enjoyed yours. Thanks for reading.


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