Diary of a Bride-to-be October 2016美丽新娘养成记 十月2016

Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of Diary of a Bride-to-be. It is getting a little nearer to the big day, and guess what, yours sincerely has not got the gown yet, oh well, can we wear jeans and T-shirt to the wedding instead? NOT. The happiness that has filled my heart when I submitted my research proposal on my research topic is overwhelming. My OS was-bye research, never touching that topic ever again! I was rostered on to do night shift one fine weekend, finishing on a Sunday Morning as I clearly remembered.


I was trying so hard to look for that gown I wanted. Time is running out and I had limited time on my hands as I was doing a few thing at the same time. I have to work, I have to complete my graduate diploma, I have to plan for my wedding and get a few thing sorted out. I am thankful and blessed that I have friends who are helping me in organising things. Chin has been helping me look for the dress as she kinda knows my taste when it comes to dresses. Thank you very much!!! One fine day, Chin sent me a picture of a beautiful dress that I thought will look good on me. After finishing my night shift on a Sunday morning, I have decided to check it out in the store. I wanted to try it out as I am sick of clothing I bought on line that does not fit.


I went to the store and asked for dress A in my size and lucky me, they have got it, newly arrive and that’s the only last piece they had during that time. I tried it on instantly, loved it. I was actually thinking of just using that as my wedding gown. But but but, another red elegant dress caught my attention. Me: can i please try on that dress as well? SA: Yes sure, guess what, there is another one in white, would you like to try it on as well? Me: YES YES YES! After trying it on, I have decided that this is the DRESS that meets all my criteria. Simple, elegant, no blings, zip up at the back (I HATE criss cross tie up back), lace, chiffon wedding dress as it will be scorching hot in Malaysia, easy to walk with. The SA was very helpful and picked a few for me to try. I tried them on patiently and had decided to bring home Dress A and Dress B. WIN! I was so happy. Mission accomplished! Woohoo! Wedding gown is done.


The next Challenge is looking for that evening gown. Once again, Chin had helped me by introducing a online shop. I instantly fell in love with a dress as the dress was beautifully made. Chin is kind enough to let me try on hers before I put an order in. It fits me perfectly, no alterations needed. Yippee! Another mission accomplished.


Yun has been a great help since forever and we have finally decided on the bridesmaid dresses and heels to go with it. Since I am super OCD, I wanted my beautiful bridesmaids to have the same shoes and dresses. Yun had ordered it on my behalf and that went well.


Wedding Preparations婚礼策划:

  1. Got all my gowns ready for the reception and ROM. Checked! 我的裙子准备好了。
  2. Bridesmaids dresses finalised. Checked! 美丽伴娘们的裙子准备好了。
  3. Bridesmaids heels finalised. Checked! 美丽伴娘们的高跟鞋准备好了。
  4. Venue finalised for the ROM. Checked! 注册的地点确定了。
  5. Guest list finalised for ROM. Checked! 注册的宾客们也确定了。
  6. Restaurant finalised for ROM. Checked! 餐厅也确定了。
  7. Food and drinks finalised for ROM. Checked! 食物和酒水也确定了。
  8. Bridal bouquet finalised for ROM. Checked! 注册当天的捧花也确定了。

Skincare and haircare美容保养:

  1. Day spa strictly every 4 weeks. 4周跑美容院一趟。
  2. Clean eating. 健康饮食。
  3. No junk food. 杜绝垃圾食物。


Thanks for reading 谢谢大家。gown fitting: no. 

Gown fitting: no. 

On the side note, we attended Fish Leong’s concert too. Yay! 我们也看了梁静茹的演唱。太开心。



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