Toners I am currently using

Hi everyone, how are we? I hope we are all doing well. I am going to blog about toners I am currently using. I m a huge fan of serums, however, I just realised that I have heaps of toners as I rotate them frequently. The consistency of each is different and I will use the relevant products according to my skin on that day itself. I will write this post according to its consistency then.

La Mer The Treatment Lotion-It has the thickest consistency among all other toners that I own. I use it when my skin is very dry. I will normally just pat to onto my skin. Easy to absorb. I only use it as I need to due to its price tag. It also has a long shelf life, of 24 months once opened. $155 for 150 mls.

Artistry Youth Xtend Softening Lotion-Its consistency is also quit thick. Its milky texture is great for everyday use. I enjoyed this product during autumn, winter when it is very dry. I will use it with a cotton pad and pad it on my face. Great value for money.  $63 for 200 mls.

The rest of the toners has water like consistency, thus I will not review them according to their consistencies.

MUJI, Light Toning Water-this is a new found favourite. My skin became very problematic last December before my wedding despite me putting a lot of effort into skincare which I will discuss in my “Diary of a Bride-to-be” series. Suitable for sensitive skin which I needed badly during those horrible times. Easily absorbed, I was using this as my mask as I could not use mask sheet like I used to, thus the termination of 28 days of mask. I will soak  cotton pads with this product and leave it on my face for maximum of 10 minutes and pad the rest of the toner onto my skin. Great Value for its price. $7.95 for 200 mls.

KIEHL’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner-This is not new for me, I had to purchase this as my skin was playing up December last year. This product had calmed my skin during those horrible days. In short, I was having severe hay fever which I never had in my life. Sneezing, itchy eyes and nose, and my skin flared up, my whole forehead was full of pimples due to ectopic dermatitis. Hay fever, change in weather and stress before the wedding were a total disaster. I had to use a huge amount of this product on my face as my skin was sooooo dry. It helped to soothe my skin and reduce some redness on my skin. I am grateful for this product has got me through a lot of bad skin days. $54.00 for 250 mls.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense-I have been a long term user of Jurlique and my favourite products are hand creams and their rosewater mist. Jurlique will release limited edition deluxe size Rosewater almost every year. Great for hot days, very refreshing and easy to use. However, during colder weather, I will use a bit more on my face. I can’t remember its price, I am pretty sure it is less than $100 for 200 mls.

SKII Facial Treatment Essence-I am also a long term user of this product. It has done my skin well. A lot of people has been asking why am I trying out new products when you know one product works for you. Well, the answer is, I get bored very easily and have very short attention span, therefore, I love trying out new products and see if it suits my skin. I normally pad it on my face. I will also use them as a mask from time to time, e.g., soak it on a cotton pad and put it on your face, or soak a mask sheet and use it, cheaper version of their FTE mask, but, do remember that one FTE mask is highly concentrated with Pitera, so the DIY mask version will not achieve the same result as a FTE mask. $100 for 75 mls.

SKII Mid-night Miracle Essence-This product was launched a few years ago. Easy to use. This product has a cooling agent that is very refreshing. Best used during summer where the weather is so warm. $85 for 50 mls.

Loccitane Immortelle Essential Water-This product comes in a pack. Very refreshing. Travel size so it will be in my bag ready for a quick refreshing spray on the go.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Do keep an eye out for deals esp during mother’s day, chinese new year, christmas where you can save money by buying value pack.
  2. Do keep an eye out for gifts when you purchase above certain value, but please don’t spend your money buying products that you don’t need just to get the gifts.
  3. Samples are great to try out a new product that you have always wanted to try. Establish a good relationship with the SA.

Thanks for reading.




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