How to be productive on your days off

Hi everyone, welcome back to Floranze’s World. I cannot believe that the first month of 2017 has come to an end as we welcome the month of February. Today, I am going to blog about how to be productive on your days off to get the most out of it without regretting on things that are not completed.

Days off can be quite fun and exciting unless one just wants to have a relaxing one without doing anything. I once enjoyed my days off doing nothing and later found out that I was behind my schedule in completing everyday tasks like doing the laundry, cleaning and cooking. However, I now enjoy utilising my days off to complete tasks and it feels great being productive and tick as many boxes as possible on the diary.

  1. Plan ahead and write it down–I normally use up to 10 minutes to plan things that needs to be done on that day. I then write them down on my diary and put a box in front of those tasks and tick them off. I do this all the time at work and I guess I am just used to doing this. I am a very forgetful person and if I don’t create those little tick boxes, I tend to forget them and realised that I hadn’t completed some tasks which can be frustrating at times.
  2. Prioritise–Prioritising is important as I want to get the most important task completed before I move on to the others. I will also multitask, e.g., when the laundry is in the washing machine, I will vacuum the floor while listening to podcasts in areas that I am interested in. On days where I am really busy, I will complete tasks from the top of my list and I will allocate the most challenging/difficult task on the first item on my to-do list. I will then reward myself with a nice walk around the neighbourhood or a mini facial for 15 minutes.
  3. Calm/clean environment–I have to admit I am a messy person as I normally leave a mess everywhere I go, but, I am trying hard to change that bad habit and recently, I just love my work area to be clean and tidy. I find it I get distracted less when I am working in a clean area. I will put some nice music on as well, but mostly instrumental as I do not want to be distracted by the lyrics of the songs. Strange enough, that improved my attention span.
  4. Relax and reward–I normally relax and reward myself after dinner by having a glass of wine, cheese, crackers, fruits and scented candles. I will be enjoying this wonderful moment with my husband as we wind down our days.

The first three pictures are from google images. Thanks for reading, please share what do you do on your days off to be more productive.


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