Recapping 2016

Hello Everyone, Happy new year, although it was a little later than usual, but, it’s always to be late than never. Today, I am going to blog about 2016 in general. 2016 has been a big year for me. I am going to share a few highlights of 2016 with all of you.

  1. Completed my graduate diploma in critical care, another year closer to completing my Masters in Nursing. I have stepped out of my comfort zone by getting the marks required to complete my masters by thesis.
  2. Completing tasks at work which I don’t usually feel comfortable with. I actually find that I can actually do them, it is certainly not easy to do so, but, it has to be done in order to move forward in my career. I certainly have to thank the great team I am working with, I could not have done it without their help and support. The work ethics and the team work we have in my current ward is just amazing.
  3. Travelling abroad (Malaysia not included). I have promised myself to explore at least a new place every year and that has been amazing. I just love exploring new places, learn about their culture and food. I went to Taiwan again this year to attend my high school mates’ wedding. I got to know some of my high school mates better and being at their wedding is just amazing. It is also very fulfilling to talk to each other about lives and future goals and plans.
  4. I got married in December. I have the most beautiful group of bridesmaids who helped a lot in getting the wedding organised. Half of them flew in from different countries and I deeply appreciate their help and effort. The wedding could not have gone so well without our wonderful wedding planner, photographer, emcee, band who worked so hard on that day. Big thanks to everyone who has contributed to the wedding. The ROM in Melbourne is nice and cosy as well. Big thanks to everyone who has attended the ROM Registration and luncheon. I hope everyone has had a good time.
  5. Spending time with friends I appreciate, people who inspire me and have a positive impact on my life. Even though shift work can be painful, honestly, I have to say some good things about it. I can actually choose what day I want to work so I can spend time with friends. Despite having a super busy schedule with work and postgrad, I will give myself one day in a fortnight to do something for myself, e.g., spa, facial, spend time with friends

Thanks for reading, how’s your 2016 like? Please share and comment below.


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