Diary of a bride-to-be September 2016美丽新娘养成记 九月份 2016

Welcome to other episode of ‘Diary of a Bride-to-be’. September has been a super busy month because I have to submit my research proposal, research presentation and such plus working 30 hours a week. I have no idea how my peers can do 38 hours a week on top of that. I absolutely love and respect you girls. I had to put in extra effort in this subject because it is very important for us for get at least a Distinction and research is not my strength. Therefore, I am quite stressed during that period of time. Sleep deprived, skin is always dull, fatigue has been an everyday issue. I could not wait for this semester to end. I spent minimal time searching for my dress.


My focus at the moment is to find my own dress and my lovely bridesmaids dresses. So, I was scrolling Facebook one day and this ad popped up, I had a look at the dress and I quite like it. I bought it straight away as I was too time poor to search. However….. when i was not too happy when i received it. The shoulder line didn’t fit me. it somehow looked weird on me. I am also not happy with its material, therefore, into the closet it went.


I have also received my pre wedding pictures which both kok wee and I are happy with.


Last but not least, we have also attended a lovely couple’s wedding towards the end of September and it was just amazing. I still remembered coming to Melbourne for the very first time when I was doing my undergrad, having dinner at Glen Waverley when we first met.Being able to attend the wedding is just an amazing experience for both of us. Their wedding was perfect. It actually gave me an idea on what I wanted for my own wedding and things to include and consider.


Wedding Preparation: 婚礼策划

  1. Bought a wedding gown but didn’t like it. Therefore, I am still searching for it.买了一件婚纱,但自己却比喜欢所以还得继续找。
  2. Dresses, Heels and gift for bridesmaids to be decided.伴娘们的裙子,高跟鞋和礼物。
  3. Preliminary guest list for our ROM in Melb ticked. 初步列出墨尔本注册的宾客名单。
  4. Searching for a nice, cosy place for luncheon post ROM.必须寻找一个温馨的餐厅吃午餐

Skincare/haircare: 保养方式

  1. Regular visit to the salon for hair and face. 定期做头发的脸的护理。
  2. I try to eat healthy and do all the right thing for my hair and skin.饮食均匀。

Thanks for reading, see you guys in the next episode of “Diary of a Bride-to-be”.



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