30 days of mask

Hello everyone, I am doing another series of 30 days of mask, counting down to my big day in Malaysia. The weather in Melbourne is so unpredictable, thus causing some grief to my skin, it can be 28 degrees one day and the next 14 degrees. Welcome to Melbourne. This is my second time doing 30 days of mask. I do believe that our face do need that little extra care, especially when you have important events lining up. I was invited by sydney based blogger friend to start 30 days of mask.

Day 1: Leader’s Wrinkle Filler. It improves skin dryness and elasticity. I have to say that the serum in this packet is of thick consistency. I would prefer to use this mask in the morning as it gives me more time for my face to absorb the serum. The mask sheet itself is thin enough and it sticks well to the skin. Overall Rating 4/5. 

Day 2: SKII Whitening Spot Specialist Concentrate. I am going to cheat by including ampoules into my 30 days of mask. This is actually a 28 day treatment, aiming to whiten and brighten the skin. Thick consistency, easy to apply and absorbed. Face is brighter the next day. I will do a full review on it in the near future. Overall Rating 4.5/5.

 Day 3: Naruko’s Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimising and Brightening Mask. Big fan of Naruko’s skincare products, especially sheet masks. The smell of barley is not too overpowering. Calms the skin, hydrates the skin, skin looked more plumped after use. Mask Sheet is thin enough. Overall Rating 4.5/5.

Day 4: Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Intense Recovery Ampoules. I have completed my 14 days of treatment last month. Fine lines are gone, skin is well hydrated. I use one ampoule for my whole face. Full review Here. Overall Rating 4.5/5.

Day 5: SKII Skin Rebooster. This is a good choice when I am in a rush and still want to comply with my 30 days of mask. 15 minutes is all I need. I will apply a layer on my face, leave it for 15 minutes, wash it off with luke warm water. Hydrated and beautiful skin is the end result, YAY! Overall Rating 4/5.

Day 6: Artistry’s Renewing Peel. I use this little gem from time to time, 8  minutes is all you need. It gently exfoliates without you rubbing and irritating the skin. Pores are minimised, skin is brighter, hydrated and smoother after use. Full review Here. Overall Rating 4.5/5.

Day 7: Artistry’s Moisture Intense Masque. Another mask for me when I am in a rush. 10 minutes is all I need. Apply a thin layer to face, wait for 10 minutes, wash it off with Luke warm water. Face is smoother and hydrated after use. Overall Rating 4/5.

Thanks for reading.



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