Diary of a bride-to-be August 2016 美丽新娘养成记 八月份2016

Hi everyone, welcome back to another episode of diary of a bride-to-be. August has been quite busy as uni had already started, therefore wedding planning has to be postponed at this stage. I am glad that important things had been organised before uni started earlier this year so I am not in a rush to get things done.


I am currently focusing on my own gown, bridesmaids’ gowns as I am waiting for more dresses to come up. Most importantly, I have not found that gown that I fall in love straight away with the statement “you are the chosen one”, same goes to the bridesmaids gowns. However, I know clearly that both of them have to have heaps of lace on them, and they must be simple and elegant.


Kok Wee and I both agreed to have our Registration of marriage here in Melbourne before we went back to Malaysia. This is because there are a few close friends who cannot fly back to Malaysia for our big day. Therefore, a date, venue, guest lists will have to be completed within the next 2 months. That means, I will have to get another dress for the ROM.


Wedding Preparation: 婚礼策划

  1. Bride’s gown 姐的嫁衣
  2. Bridesmaids’ gown 美丽伴娘团的裙子
  3. Bridesmaids’ shoes 美丽伴娘团的鞋子
  4. Set a date, venue, and guest list for ROM 墨尔本注册的时间,地点,贵宾名单
  5. Bought my dress for ROM (2 left in the whole of Australia, I am so glad that I got it)买到了我注册似的裙子,全澳只剩两条,我太幸运了
  6. Found a makeup artist to do my make up and hair for ROM. 化妆师也找到了

Skincare/haircare 保养方面

  1. Regular hair treatment. 定时护法
  2. More detoxing with fruits and vegetables for better skin. 蔬果排毒
  3. Hvnt been going back to do my face because I personally think that I can achieve all at home when it does not involves using machines. 好久没有做脸因为在家也可以自己做

Thanks for reading, see you guys at the next episode of Diary of a Bride-to-be.



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