Diary of a Bride-To-Be June/July 2016 Edition (美丽新娘养成记 2016六月/七月份)

Hi Everyone, welcome back to another episode of Diary of a Bride-To-Be. June has been wonderful as there is no uni, meaning no assignments, thus, I have been catching up with most of my friends in Melbourne during this time. I have also started looking for the perfect gown for the big day.


I have been focusing on my gown, a few dresses that I am going to wear during reception and shoes to go with it. I have finally narrowed down to what I want and this is lace, off shoulder and floor length for the dress. We have also agreed on the colour theme for the big day and that is rose quartz and champagne gold.


We have also selected some photos for the album and that is ready to be edited professionally by the photographer. I am so excited that I could not wait to see them. It still feels like yesterday that we had the photo done in sydney. Time really flies. Counting down to the big day!


Wedding Preparation: 婚礼策划

  1. I am still looking and searching for the gown. 继续寻找那完美的嫁衣
  2. Decided to have photo booth. 已决定使用Photo Booth
  3. Bridesmaid dresses and shoes. 伴娘团的裙子和鞋子

Skincare/Haircare 保养

  1. I am happy to say that I am still adhering to my skincare and hair care routine. 我必须说我都有好好保养,所以很开心。
  2. Starting to use a bit more products to repair the skin.开始使用修护性的保养品。
  3. Eating more fruits and veggies for the skin.多吃蔬果让皮肤美美的。

Thanks for reading. See you guys in the next episode of ‘Diary of a Bride-to-be’



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