August 2016 Empties 

Welcome to another episodes of empties. 

Artistry hydra V eye cream, this is one of the best eye cream I have ever used. Cost effective, not too greasy to the under eye area, and it absorbs well into the skin. 

I came across this product as my friend highly recommended this to me, I was hesitant at first but fall in love with it after using it for the first time. I shall do a full review. 

Dry shampoo, as my hair gets longer, I could not wash my hair everyday now, as it is too time consuming. So I have added dry shampoo to my hair care to get rid of the day one oiliness on the scalp while adding volume to my hair. I love it as it is so easy to use and within 2 minutes, I get the hair I want without going through the pain of washing, conditioning, blow drying…. 

This cleanser is not a SOS cleanser but it does not dries my skin while is a plus, bought it out of curiousity when I was back in malaysia. 

This little gem has helped my hair to smell nice after a hair wash. Adds moisture to hair, does not leave the hair greasy after use, pretty happy with it honestly. 

I am not a micellar cleansing water fan to start with, but I bought it when it was first launched, the down side to it is I had to use cotton pads to remove my make up whereas cleansing oil I don’t have to. I normally use this product to remove light make up. It does a good job, I will double cleanse my face as usual with clarisonic. 🙂 

This hydrating serum is forever my number one serum when it comes to hydration. I have used countless bottles of this and I am still happy with it. I hvnt found something that is cost effective and does the same thing. 

Shu eumura, my number 1 cleansing oil of choice. I have also used countless bottles of cleansing oil from them, but this is my first time using the POREfinist. Does a great job at removing make up, but my pores are still the same though. As a cleansing oil, I am happy with it, with minimising pores, hvnt really see a huge change. 

Have you used any of the above? Thoughts and comments are welcomed! 

Thanks for reading. 


4 thoughts on “August 2016 Empties 

  1. The Garnier Cleansing Water just launched in Malaysia and I must say I am not that impressed. I feel like the Biore one does a better job. And just a forewarning if you ever plan on repurchasing, stay away from the blue capped bottle; that has alcohol in it. Definitely need to double cleanse because the chemicals in the cleansing water shouldn’t sit on the skin! I guess that’s why you have lovely skin to begin with! 😀

    1. I hvnt actually tried the Biore ones but I have read a lot of good reviews, keen to try it when I am back in Malaysia next. I am so glad that the pink ones does not have alcohol in it. =) Thanks for the heads up.

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