Loccitane’s hair products I am currently loving

Hi everyone, how are we all doing? I hope we are all doing well. I would like to share my favourite loccitane hair products today.

Haircare is something I tend to neglect at times resulting in dry, damaged hair. I have decided that it is time to spend more time and effort in maintaining my hair. I will have hair treatment done every month on the salon. I have decided to give loccitane a try since since I have been eyeing on their hair products for quite a while now.

I am currently using the aromachologie repairing shampoo. I was introduced to this product by a dear friend of mine saying that it smells nice and hair is silky smooth after use. In my own experience, i love the smell of it. The smell of five essential oils (ylang-ylang, orange. Lavender, geranium and angelic a) is just amazing, it is not too overpowering. It is silicone free, meaning that my hair is still looking great at day 2, not looking greasy. It repairs hair fibres, smoothes the hair and my hair is silky soft.

I then continue my routine with the conditioner from the same range. Once again, I love the smell. It reduces breakage, repair and nourish my hair. By the 3rd use, I can feel that my hair is much moisturised.

Hair oil is something I have been routinely using for the last few months, I find that the Sublime repairing oil is just amazing. It not only smoothes the hair, it lessen the episodes of my hair getting tangled. I find my hair manageable after a nights sleep. As this is a relatively new product, I will do an individual review of this product.

Before I discover all these lovely products, the revitalising fresh detangling spray is the first hair product I used from loccitane. I did not like the smell of it as I personally think that the smell of the mint is too overwhelming. However, this product does what it is supposed to do.

I am keen to try their hair mask in the  near future when I finish the current ones I am using.

What is your favourite product? Have you used any of the above? Thought and comments are welcomed. =)



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