Shopping in Taiwan Part 1 在台湾的购物经验 之一

Hello Everyone, welcome to where I share my thoughts and comments. I am going to blog about my shopping experience in taiwan on some of the most hardworking and welcoming people I have met during my recent trip to Taiwan. This is a long overdue post but it’s better to be late than sorry.


The aim of my last trip to Taiwan is to attend my friend wedding and we had an amazing time. Taiwan has a special place in my heart, however, I was working up to the day I fly out thus I did not have time to pack, in fact, I started packing 3 hours before my flight. JOY! As we were walking along the old streets of Taipei looking for street food, we discovered this post. We stopped and read the sign that caught my attention and decided to had a look inside as I did not bring my accessories with me for the wedding.

这次来台湾的目的是参加高中同学的婚礼,在台湾的那些日子非常愉快。由于之前太忙碌,根本没有时间整理行李,我在飞机起飞的三小时前开始整理,太佩服我自己了!理所当然只带了需要的物品。那天,当我们走在台北的老街想要找东西吃的时候,看见了一张引起我瞩目的帖子。我停下来,把每一个字给念完 ,决定到店里看看因为我什么首饰都没带。

Ruby: 华西街22号






I have learnt a lot from Sep even though we had a short conversation. Love what do. 在年轻台湾设计师身上学了不少,这次台湾之旅让我更珍惜当地设计师平牌,了解背后的故事,艺术会更美.

Facebook Link: RUBY

LiShr Taiwan,李氏手工坊 市民大道一段100号

We met up with our high school friends again after having a great day at jiu fen. We had nice food, good company and everything was perfect. We had too much to eat and decided that we were going to go shopping at the city mall. Michelle brought me to this shop, saying that I should check this place out, I was like, ok ok, let’s have a look. Handmade, once again, beautiful coin purse, perfect for souvenirs. A friend told me that it is famous for its bling and a map of taiwan on the zip!



The owner is super friendly and down to earth, from our conversation, it is obvious that he loves Taiwan, his country very much. I could not talk too much as I was losing my voice. I told him that I love the culture of Taiwan Indigenous People and we had a good chat about it. Cards are accepted in this shop which is a plus as we were running out of cash that time.




We went back the next day again as we wanted to buy more products. The owner gave little presents to all of us, I got the magnet and that beautiful key chain. Big Thanks.


I have learnt form the owner that your business will grow with passion and establishing a good relationship with your customers.


Facebook: 李氏工作坊

Dolly Club 朵莉俱乐部 台北地下街Y区 (Y18出口旁)

After buying heaps of coin purse from Lishr, Michelle brought us to a small stall selling Dolly Club waterproof products.

Michelle: Have you heard of Dolly Club?

Me: No.

Michelle: You will love it, they are so cute.

Me: Really? (Oh yes, I wish I could buy the whole stall)






朵莉俱乐部 Dolly Club

I bought quite a few products from the store but I have given some away already, so these are mine mine mine. We still could not get enough of owl from the morning as we were walking around jiu fen. I bought more owls home with me, LOL. These bags are fabulous as they are waterproof. Customers are spoilt with choices as they have a huge collection of different products ranging from handbags, backpacks, lunch bags, purse, coin purse, phone cases.


The owner of this shop is a humble gentleman, didn’t talk too much but patiently wait for us as we were troubled with choosing products that we wanted. He told us that he sells them at the best price as other stores may mark the price up and yes, he was right, we had a look around afterwards and yes, a few stores are selling them at a higher price.


Likewise, we went back the second day to buy more products but this time, he was not there, there was this lady who is friendly and we had a long conversation. She is the owner’s wife. They take turn to look after the store and she then introduced the bags to us patiently. We had a lovely time shopping with them as I had to spend a while choosing that one product that I have to buy.


This trip has enable me to learn more about the culture in taiwan. The people I have met are lovely. I love Taiwan!





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