Product Review: Chanel Le Vernis (Organdi) 504

Hi everyone, how are we doing? I hope all is well. I am going to review Chanel’s long wear nail colour in Organdi 504. 

I love nail colours but I cannot wear them due to the work I do, but, on my days off and on important occasions, I do apply nail colour. I have a soft spot for nude polish so when I first tried this colour, I fall in love with it. 

Chanel has re formulated thier Le Vernis Nail Colour, designed for longer wear and easy application as I was told by the sales assistance. 

I initially wanted ‘secret’ but I had no luck getting them so I ended up with Organdi, their new formulated nail colour. 

It is a nude pink full coverage. I was recommended to do three layers if I really want the glow. 

  The picture above is only after a coat of application. Before I write this post. The nail colour can last up to a week with no chipped edges. I do housework and wash my hands a lot of times in a day. 
Overall I am happy with the nail colour because it is so easy to apply, even someone like me who does not always apply nail polish can apply it without having to reapply. 

Purchased at KLIA 2, MYR 83.00


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