Product review: Artistry’s Exact Fit Longwearing Foundation. 

Hi all, how are we all doing? I hope all is doing well. I am going to review my recent favourite foundation and that it the artistry exact fit long wearing foundation. This is my first time using alany foundation from artistry as my foundation of choice has been mostly Chanel. I have to say I was blown away with this product. 

Packaging: comes in a black bottle with a pump, love it as it is efficient, hygienic and simple. Comes in 30mls.  

Consistency: it is not too thick and too thin. Easily applied. I normally apply it with a beauty blender.  

   The colour I have chosen is buff L1W1. 

1) it is indeed a long wearing foundation. I need a long wearing foundation that I don’t have to touch up due to long shifts and such. I have used it in both humid and dry countries, in Taiwan, no oiliness in T zone was noted after 10-12 hours of application and normally my t zone will shine after 6 hours. In Australia, my cheeks are still beautiful at the end of 14 hours without flaking and caking. 

2) it provides medium to full coverage. Can be layered on areas that need more coverage to achieve full coverage, meaning I don’t to use a concelear, win! 

3) SPF 15++, I will still apply sunscreen before I apply this foundation as long as they are below SPF 30 PA +++. 

 Picture of me in Taiwan on a hot 29 degree day, walking outdoor with no aircon. After 9 hours of application. No filter. My face was in a bad condition with huge zitS. Omg. 😱😱

Thanks for reading 


3 thoughts on “Product review: Artistry’s Exact Fit Longwearing Foundation. 

  1. I feel like on a day to day basis I’d rather avoid concealer because it is bound to be heavy on the skin… So a light weight foundation with buildable coverage is pretty ideal!

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