Taiwan may 2016

Hi everyone, how are we? I hope all is well. I promised myself that I will travel overseas every year to a new place or a place I love most (excluding malaysia as I will go back home at least once a year). I went to Taiwan to attend a dear friend’s wedding this time round. I really looked forward to this trip as I will meet most of my high school friends. I treasure them a lot as we grow up together. I know some of them from primary school. Oh dear. 

  Did not have enough time to change to Taiwanese dollar, picture taken at melbourne international airport. 
  First meal at Taipei. The best hotpot ever. All you can eat with reasonable price. Yum yum.
  Sightseeing after hot pot. 
  Day 2: sightseeing by my own.  
   Cannot get enough of Taipei 101
 Visiting old streets of Taipei. These amazing buildings were built in the Qing dynasty. We can visit some of the old houses as there were exhibitions going on in there.  

 Again, visiting old streets of Taipei, the owner of the tea shop was lovely enough to spend the whole morning talking about his own story and letting us taste his awesome tea. We have the chance to try his 1981 iron Buddha, amazing.  

 The amazing lard and onion rice with sweet soy sauce, I had one and a half bowl of this bad boy! Yummy!

   The amazing scenery of Taipei. I call it taiwan’s santorini. Beautiful!  
 Gu gong national museum. We walked most of taipei’s old streets, visiting their museums and getting to know the history. 

It has been a great trip especially with people I adore and trust. We had a great time. Next on, what I bought in Taipei! 


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