Diary of a Bride-To-Be April/May 2016 Edition (美丽新娘养成记 四月/五月份2016)

Hi everyone, how are we doing? I hope all is well. It has been really really really busy with juggling work, studying, all my side projects, getting a wedding planned at the same time. I must be crazy to be doing all these at once but, it will be okay! Welcome to another ‘episode’ of diary of a bride to be. =)


After attending my childhood friend’s wedding in taipei, I have learnt a lot in terms of wedding preparations and such. It has been a wonderful experience and I totally enjoyed myself as I got to meet my lovely friends from high school, sight seeing and we had loads of fun! I am also happy to see my bridesmaid.


Wedding preparation wise婚礼策划方面:

  1. I have to sort out my guest list after 27/5/16 once I have submitted my assignment. 贵宾名单必须在这一两周内完成
  2. Finalised things with my planner已经和婚策决定了婚礼当天的司仪,乐队,花,等等.
  3. Still thinking if I should have a photo booth还在决定要不要photo booth.
  4. Bought a cheongsam for the wedding in taiwan! WOOHOO! mission accomplished!婚礼当天的旗袍也买好了,有一种很有成就感的感觉~
  5. I have decided to wear pearls and yellow gold to go with my white dress, yellow gold to go with my cheongsam决定了白纱配黄金,珍珠,黄金配旗袍.
  6. Thinking of gifts for my lovely bridesmaid要给伴娘什么礼物好呢?
  7. 45 days of diet to detox which I will share on my blog post later45天纤体计划完成,以后会分享.
  8. Chosen pictures for the wedding选好了结婚照.

Skincare/health wise保养方面

  1. Hair treatment to be done at a particular salon at least once every 2 monthly最少两个月到发廊护发一次。
  2. Hair and skin is getting better by taking the right supplements头发和皮肤状况好多了哟,以后再分享秘方.
  3. Doing mask more regularly and taking it more seriously勤劳的敷面膜,发膜.

Thanks for reading. 7 months to go. Starting to get a little nervous now. 谢谢大家,还有7个月,开始有一点紧张咯。。。




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