Diary of a Bride-to-be(美丽新娘养成记)March2016

Hi, everyone, how are we all doing? I hope we are all doing well. Welcome back to the ‘diary of a bride-to-be’ series. March has been a big month for me in terms of preparation. It has been a difficult month for me as my skin was in a poor condition before the pre wedding photo shoot. I was very cautious with my skincare and I can never imagine that happening before the photo shoot. I was quite disappointed. However, the pre wedding took place and the little getaway to Sydney is just what I needed.



  • Still looking for cheongsam寻找着完美的旗袍。
  • hair do ideas on the big day想着当天的发型
  • choosing the best songs for the big day from my song list选歌
  • jewelries hunting看看首饰,还在金和珍珠之前徘徊

Skincare/Healthcare wise:

  • I am on a 45 day diet plan(not to loose weight, but to lead a healthier lifestyle for the bit day, to tone up as well)为了自己的健康参加了45天的减肥计划,也不是要减肥,只是要吃得更健康
  • Going back to diary but on a moderate amount due to my rheumatoid factor.因为风湿因子较高的关系又回到喝牛奶,但是,少量。
  • Keen to have a huge change on my skincare regime期待保养全面大改革
  • Adding face oil into my regime.在保养上加入了精油

Thank you for reading,我们下期见,谢谢大家。 =)


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