Pre wedding photo shoot-Sydney 

Hello everyone. How are we all doing? I hope all is well. I am going to write about my pre wedding photo shoot in Sydney. Before I left for Sydney, I was asked by my collegues, why do you have to do a pre wedding, don’t you just take pictures on your wedding day? I guess there is a little difference in our culture. I explained that we do pre wedding photos then have it ready at the wedding reception so friends and family can have a look at those pictures. 

Why Sydney? That’s the next question. Sydney has a special place in our hearts and we have chosen it because of its beautiful weather, the clear blue skies; the iconic sceneries. We have chosen St. Mary’s Cathedral at Hyde park, the harbour bridge overlooking the Sydney Opera House and La Perouse beach. We initially wanted to do it at Bondi beach because that was where we got engaged, but we were adviced that it will be hard because of the crowd. 

Disclaimer: the following pictures are taken with iPhone, edited with only Instagram filters. Photos are taken by my fiancé and the make up artists. 

Skin was prepped with hydra V serum and gel cream. My favourite moisturising products till now. I was very cautious with my face before the pre wedding because I guess everyone wanted to look good but my face was in a mess with pimples popping out and such. I was close to tears before the photo session but I took a big breathe and get it done. 

First outfit, first hair do with a tiara. Pictures taken at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Hyde Park. It was a 32 degree day and the sky was clear. Such a beautiful day. 

 Second outfit with another hairdo with bands on the head. I have taken off the necklace, leaving only the ear ring. Pictures taken under the harbour bridge, overlooking the opera house. Original picture, not edited.

  The third outfit with another hair do. Picture taken at La Perouse Beach. Edited with Instagram. Pictures taken by the make up artist. 

   Last but not least. A sunset picture, beautifully taken by the make up artist. We had to climb down to stand at this place. Waited for a while just to catch the sun before it disappeared. Original picture. 
I am happy with the service that I have received. The make up used by the make up artist was awesome. Foundation: GA’s Luminous sill foundation. 

Eyes: the naked 2 pallette 

Blush: MAC

Lips: GA 

The make up artist was very quick in every hair do. The make up took about 1.5 hours as I had a bit of trouble putting on fake lashes. 

The photographer was very professional as well, teaching is how to pose. 

The videographer was taking videos of us and was assisting the photographer with lighting. 

It was overall a very good session. 

Thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcomed. 


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