Short Getaway to Sydney 11/3-13/3

Hi All,

How are we all doing? I hope all is well. Sydney has a special place in my heart. I got my first full time job in Sydney, lived there for 2.5 -3 years before relocating to Melbourne. I love Sydney’s beautiful weather, sceneries, food and people. Tickets to Sydney is pretty affordable from Melbourne and I have been travelling to Sydney a lot lately. The purpose of this trip is to get my pre wedding photos done which I will write a post on it pretty soon.

We have been travelling using train mostly in Sydney, and having a Opal card is pretty handy. It is free, all you have to do it to top up and you are ready to go.

First Stop, Sydney fish market, I have been craving for some nice seafood a few days ago prior. I was staying in Hyde Park during my stay in Sydney. I love its location, as we can just walk everywhere. 

We catched up with a few friends while we were there and it was great. The food was awesome. We dine in Lotus, the Galleries, Din tai fung(we have it in melb too but I was too busy to go out so yea, having DTF in SYD). 

 I was very stressed from work before I left and this short 3 days is what I needed. Get out of  a city and travel, meet friends, make new friends, most importantly, Love Life.

Thanks for reading.


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