Diary of a Bride-to-be 美丽新娘养成记(February 2016)

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Diary of a bride to be series. I shall discuss what I have done in February in terms of preparation.


 The followings are what I have done in February 2016 for the wedding:以下是我在二月份为婚礼所做的

  • Finally met the wedding planner, initial quote obtained.与婚礼策划人初次见面,也拿了预算
  • Getting quotes for emcee, bands, wedding photographer.司仪,乐队,婚礼摄影师预算
  • Brainstorming with the bridesmaid.与伴娘们分享注意
  • Tried on make up for the wedding day itself.试妆
  • Gown fitting.是婚纱但都没有满意的

  Health and skincare:

  • Not too happy with my current regime because I didn’t like some of the products I am using.对自己现在的保养程序不是很满意因为有些产品不适合自己
  • Try to quit diary products.谢绝奶制品
  • Rest more.多休息
  • My diet seemed to be a tiny bit unhealthy as I was busy working.最近饮食不是很健康因为都在忙于工作 

Thanks for reading, March version plus a pre wedding photo session will be up next. 谢谢大家,三月份的美丽新娘养成记即将发行,婚纱照等也会近期内po上.


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