Least favourite products for spring summer 2016

Hey everyone, how are we doing, I hope all is well. I seldom do a ‘least favourite products’ post because I am pretty consistent with the products I use. With products that I don’t really like, they will end up in my fiancé’s skincare section/ they will turn into my body lotion. 

1) sukin’s antioxidant eye serum. I love Sukin as a brand, I am a die hard fan of their body care, hair care because of my ultra sensitive skin. My friend highly recommend me to use their eye serum. So I was like, ok, i tried it on and I find that it is too hard to be absorbed, yes it is moisturising, but I just do not have time to stand there massaging my eyes. So, this becomes my face cream at times.  

 This is the amount for a pump

  This is after massaging this 10 times in circular motion. Face cream it is then. 🙂 

2) Jurlique’s purely white with VitaBrightKX+ skin brightening essence. Jurlique, another big fan of them. However, this serum is so hard to be absorbed. I use this as a moisturiser instead.  

 This is the amount of a pump. 

 This is after massaging it for 10 times in circular motion. Not too happy with the end result. 

3) jurlique Purely White skin brightening day cream. I have use a lot of day cream in the past from jurlique and I love them. However, with this cream, it is hard to be absorbed when used after the the skin brightening essence.  

 This is like after massaging in for more than 20 times, I can’t do this when I am in a rush in the morning. So I end up using this as a cream without their serum or use it as a body lotion.

Thanks for reading. 


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