Look After Yourself

Hey all,

How are we all doing? I hope all is well. I am writing this blog post to reflect the past few days when it was very busy at work.

I thank my lovely colleagues who helped me get through the past 3 days. Every professions has their ups and downs, I guess we just have to look after ourselves and make sure that our mental health and wellbeing is being looked after well.

Things I do after a stressful day:

  1. Take a long walk-i often find myself very tired after a long stressful day, but, I try to look around and count my blessing while walking.
  2. Distract myself-I will read some blogs and watch some shows I love, I don’t always feel better after that but i do feel better after a while.
  3. Reflect-I will take time to think back what has happened. I then asked myself a lot of questions. I also think of what I could have done better in that instance.
  4. Do housework-washing, cooking, cleaning, that actually takes the edge off me. I feel better when I see a cleaner house and I do feel better after eating some nice food.
  5. Listen to classical music-when all else fails, this will be my last option and often this will do the trick. It really calms me down. I then close my eyes and will fall asleep.

I am a human, I am not perfect. I learn as I go. I have rooms for improvement in many areas. I give 200% at work. I do my best and I don’t slack.

Hope everyone will have a great week ahead.

Thanks for reading.


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