Diary of a Bride-to-be January 2016 Part II(美丽新娘养成记)

Hey everyone, welcome back to another series of Diary of a Bride-to-be. I cannot believe the fist month of 2016 is almost gone. 11 Months to go. It has been a busy month for me personally because my youngest brother is visiting Melbourne, I had to bring him around. I have to do extra shifts as well to cover the sort of the wedding. It was good talking to a few friends of mine who are getting married this year, their sincere advice and opinion helped me in making the right decisions.


I was busy looking around for bridal jewelleries, not sure to go with pearl or gold with the gown (NO white gold/platinum because I don’t personally like them). I am looking for gowns as well, thanks to my dear friend in kuching, she recommended a few places and talked me through what are the traditions and such. 


The followings are what I have done in January 2016:

  • Appointment made to see the wedding planner (We have spoken in the last few weeks and I am happy with his service so far, very professional) 预定见婚礼策划人
  • Appointment made to see the make up artist for hair and make up on the day itself. (Thank you Tina for your time)预定见化妆师,试妆。
  • Appointment made to test on wedding gown and cheongsam/qi pao. (thanks for the recommendation Esther)预定试婚纱,旗袍。
  • Bridesmaid dresses chosen, I have to make the payment next week.伴娘的裙子选好了,也确定了,下周付钱。
  • Looking at some accessories for my beautiful bridesmaid too. 为伴娘找首饰,配件等


  • Pretty happy with my current skincare regime and skin condition.非常满意自己的保养程序。
  • Preparing my skin for CNY and the upcoming pre wedding photo shoot in Sydney.好好保养自己的皮肤,春节等快到了。
  • Quit Drinking milk for health reasons (Substituting with homemade organic soy milk instead)不喝牛奶。只喝自己做的有机豆奶。
  • Start to take care of my hair more seriously (treatment for my hair and scalp)开始护发
  • Eat Healthy, ensuring I am eating more fruits and vegetables of different colours. 健康饮食,要自己吃多点颜色的蔬果。
  • Taking my organic supplements on a regular basis and make it a habit (I am currently taking Nutriway, enquire for more information) 吃有机的保健品
  • Selective with the meat I eat (only buy free range from the butcher with no hormones and chemical processing with their meat, grain fed for chickens)选择性的吃肉。  


That’s for now, thank you for reading ,=)



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