Diary of a Bride-to-be(美丽新娘养成记)

Hi everyone, I am going to start a new series on my blog and that is the diary of a bride to be. I wanted to share with you what I am doing one year ahead before the big day. I will update at least every month in this series. If you are a bride to be, feel free to drop by and comment.


December 2015, after attending my fiance’s brother’s wedding, he has decided to get things rolling and decided to have the wedding reception in December 2016. I wasn’t ready then but I think it is time to settle down. I am rather happy with the decision. I am very much a perfectionist and have always wanted things done perfectly even though I know life cannot be perfect sometimes, so, I have started to prepare and organise things for the big day one year ahead, oh yes. You may want to ask why? one year ahead? the good restaurants/wedding planner/photographer will be booked out. I don’t like heading to the path where plan B has to be used, so I have to get things organised ASAP.

参加了未婚夫弟弟的婚礼之后,他觉得我们是时候🎎,定下来了。之前迟迟还没结婚是因为我自己还没准备好,觉得我还有很多事情要做,还没完成等。所以,当他当时说要办婚礼,我心里其实还是蛮开心的。我是一个铁血的完美主义者,追求完美,不希望有什么小差错。很多人觉得一年前就开始筹备婚礼会不会太夸张,我个人觉得一点都不夸张。因为,好的饭店,婚礼策划人,摄影师等都会被别人提前预约。我不能妥协Plan B,所以,万事都要事前准备好,我才能好好睡觉。 

 December 2015

  • Set a date, date chosen by the Soon Family as per Chinese Tradition. 男方定了日子
  • Restaurant for wedding reception booked, thanks to Soon’s Family. 男方定了饭店
  • Organised Pre wedding photo shoot, in this case, I have decided to do it in Sydney because the initial photographer I wanted did not get back to me sooner, but that is okay. 我自己筹备婚纱照,三月份会在悉尼拍摄。
  • Make up Artist booked (Thank Tina, I got my friend from high school to do it as I trusted her skills) 化妆师也订好了。她是我的中学同学。对她的技巧等非常有信心。
  • Bridesmaid confirmed (Thanks ladies, you are the best) 最重要的伴娘也选好了,谢谢大家。
  • Wedding planner confirmed (Thanks to Kenny and Nicole for the recommendation) 婚礼策划人也定好了,谢谢朋友的推荐。

Skincare/Beauty Wise (保养方面)

  • Strict regime with my current skincare, good skin is needed for the pre wedding and the actual day itself. 继续自己一套很严谨的保养程序。每天都要美美的。
  • Routine Mask for hydration and whitening. 保湿,美白面膜轮流。
  • Eating healthy for good skin, hair and wellbeing. 吃得健康,要从里面美到外面。  

Thanks for now, I will update what I have done in January soon. =)



2 thoughts on “Diary of a Bride-to-be(美丽新娘养成记)

  1. As much as it is inevitable, stress can break you out. So dear blushing bride, you need to relax! Haha! Remember to reserve the freak outs for the wedding day! LOL! 😆

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