Blog Awards (The Beauty Blogger Award)


Hey Everyone, How are we all doing? Saw this wonderful award and I would love to answer a few questions asked by Hari, DO check him out on FiercePaint. =)

  • The current mascara you’re using and do you like it or merely tolerating it? I am Currently using Maybelline’s Mascara, I have used it for ages, why? I tend to keep my mascara for a maximum of 6 months and throw them away for infection control purposes. It is quite affordable so I won’t feel bad throwing them away without finishing them. Performance wise, it works quite well for me, I am very happy with it.
  • Name an item from a local Skincare brand that you absolutely love! (I changed the question from local makeup to local skincare) I absolutely love Sukin, Australian owned and made organic skincare/bodycare company. Affordable price with real good effect with no harmful additives. =) WIN! 
  • A discontinued product you’re clinging on to! (cruel question huh?) It is indeed a cruel question, I tend not to buy discontinued products because I will be sad/devastated when it discontinues.
  • One discovery that boosted your makeup! The application of loose powder before liquid foundation for a longer lasting effect in hot and humid Malaysia/Summer time in Australia.
  • The latest makeup hack you tried. Did it work? Hvnt tried any new tricks lately, LOL.
  • Worst foundation disaster. It will have to be the colour difference between the face and neck, plus! the lighting in departmental stores makes a huge difference as well, because the foundation looked so good on the skin when it’s applied in departmental stores. My trick though is to get a particular colour on a particular brand and stick to it, but, I will get the SA to try it on and walk around for 3 hours then decide if I want to buy it because the colour will be different after being oxidised.
  • One actress from the 60’s whose makeup and style you love. I will have to give this question a pass because I have no idea. If you want me to name one actress that I really like, the answer will have to be Sonia Sui. She is just beautiful inside out. Positive attitude, loving. She is actually my role model. =)
  • And one final random question, the number of lipsticks you have (excluding balms; everything else counts!). I have only one lip stick (as I don’t use a lot of lip products due to my super sensitive and dry lips), another 2 lip glosses and my all time favourite Lucas Papaw Ointment. =)

Thanks for the Tag Hari.



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