How I survived night shifts and still have good skin.

Hey everyone, how are we doing? I am going to do a highly requested post on how to survive night shift and still have good skin. Shift work is unavoidable for shift workers (Obviously, LOL). Night shift starts at 2130 and finishes at 0730 the next morning, JOY!!! We have half an hour meal break in between.

Introduction: I started doing night shift since I was 19 YO when I first got into this industry. I have what I call the post night shift syndrome: 1) Skin is super bad, dull, yellowish (I don’t have jaundice BTW), dull, BREAKOUTS, omg! 2) I get annoyed very easily (I may be nice, but post night shift, omg, I get ultimately impatient) 3) My gastrointestinal system does not seem to want to work post night shifts due to odd hours in consuming food and the food I consume. 4) Imbalanced Hormone, causing all sorts of hormonal issues. 5) I get sick (very sick) usually after 2 weeks of night shifts.

I just completed my night shifts a few days ago and these are the changes I have made, I made these changes with an open mind, as I want to see if supplements will actually help with my “Post Night Shift Syndrome”.

  1. I make up Protein shakes consisting of 3-4 scoops of Nutriway’s All Plant Protein Powder, 2 scoops of Milcolla Collagen Powder (Daily recommended dose is 1 scoop but since I need more Collagen, I consume 2 scoops), 300 mL of milk, 200 mL of filtered water, blend it and all ready to go!
  2. Why Protein Powder Rationale: 20% of our body is made up of protein; it is needed to regenerate and repair cells to ensure my body can function normally despite of the damage that was caused; Collagen (a protein to keep our skin young and elastic, can be found in joints/cartilages and such) lost is caused by ageing and not having a healthy life style; poor consumption of protein: I don’t think I consume enough protein for my body weight from food I eat and drink. (0.08 gram/kg is needed); I don’t feel hungry while doing night shift with that protein shake and it gets me through the night and I don’t have to snack on anything, replace junk food with good food, WIN WIN! Why Nutriway? I am a very particular eater, I want to consume healthy (Organic is best) food wherever possible as pollutions has done enough damage to our body, I want to lessen the burden of my body especially my kidneys and liver. Why Nutriway’s All Plant Protein Powder? it is because it is a 100% Plant based protein powder from soy, wheat and pea. It is sourced from its ORGANIC FARMS. That is why I am confident is taking them because it is ORGANIC and PLANT BASED. It tastes like soy milk which I am fine with. =)  
  3. Why Suntory’s Milcolla collagen powder Rationale: It has the smallest molecules of Collagen in the market thus easily absorbed, contains Vit C to enhance the synthesis of collagen, calcium and Lactobacillus to help with our gastrointestinal tract. There are hundreds and hundreds of collagen supplements on the market, please know what you are taking and what you want to achieve.  
  4. Why Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables tablets Rationale: What is Phytonutrients? Why is it important? Phytonutrients are compounds found in plants which played their own important role in the human body. I remember my mum telling me from young that we have to “eat the rainbow” as different coloured plant will have different nutrients, e.g., orange coloured plants like carrots are rich in beta carotene. Due to our busy schedule and irregular eating habit, I have to be honest and say I didn’t even consume 2 serves of fruits and 5 serves of vegetables a day (Real bad I know). 2 tablets of these gives us 10+ serves of fruits and veggies a day. Problem solved! There is no way that supplements should replace our main meals, supplements are there to give that extra nutrients when you dont get enough nutrients from our main meal. Why Nutriway? Once again, I know it is sourced from their own ORGANIC FARMS. =) Hooray to Organic Farms! (Where is the flavouring and colouring? NONE! and no preservatives too)  
  5. Why Vitamin C : Vitamin C? Ascorbic Acid? It’s the same thing. Vitamin C is important antioxidant which is important to block damages caused by free radicals, (free radicals may play a role in cancer, heart disease). Other functions include, building of proteins(mainly collagen), Wound healing (includes acne scarring and any other types of wound), keeps your away from cold and flu like what the doctor always say. =) Why Nutriway’s? The Vitamin C Plus is an Extended Release (ER) tablet which slowly release the Vitamin C to ensure that you are “covered” for the whole day. (Please don’t crush or chew the tablets as they are ER, can be dissolved though). Why Nutriway? The Vitamin C Plus is sourced from Acerola Cherry and Citrus from their ORGANIC FARMS once again, Hooray to Organic Farms, not lab made Vitamin C. I prefer not to take lab made supplements if I can help it. I can actually see improvements on my skin and overall well being since I started taking this Vitamin C.(Where is the flavouring and colouring? NONE! and no preservatives too)   
  6. Why Fibre tablets?: Because my Gastrointestinal system normally went on a strike after irregular sleeping pattern. I can assure you that a clean and clear face will reflect a clean colon/gut/stomach (whatever you want to call it, =)) That is why I need fibre tablets to maintain clear skin. Why Nutriway’s Fibre Blend Chewable tablet? I was amazed when I looked at their ingredients because most fibres are made up of psyllium husk (nothing wrong with that), flavours and colouring which I try not to take to lessen the burden of my kidneys and liver. This little gem is made up of carrot root powder, Pea fruit hull powder, Barley fruit hull powder, Cactus leaf stalk powder, Lemon fruit powder, soy seed powder, accrual fruit powder, sugarcane root and stolon powder, acacia, oliofructose, (Where is the flavouring and colouring? NONE! and no preservatives too)   

Thank you all for reading this lengthy post, I feel like I am writing an assignment. Hope this helps in promoting your health and well being, and a huge round of applause for shift workers. We all work hard to look after others, please do take some time to look after your own body as well. My new year resolution is a Healthier ME and MY FAMILY.



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