Best of 2015 (Skincare)

Hey everyone, how are we doing? I hope all is well, this is my first post in 2016. I want to take this chance to wish everyone “Happy New Year”, may 2016 be a good one to everyone.

This post is going to be about the Skincare I discovered in 2015 which made it to my holy grail list, thus, best of 2015. There are a few skincare that I did not include in this post because I have started using them since a few years ago and still using it. (I will do an updated version of skincare regime Spring/Summer 2015/2016 soon)

  1. Eye Care-My main concern is actually eye care as fine lines had started to show a few years back as I was not using any eye product back then, it was very very naughty of me, I know. My one and only concern is dehydration+development of fine lines under my eye area.  Current regime: Lancome’s Genifique Yeux Light Pearl as a serum and Artistry’s Hydra V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream. Thoughts and Comments: this wonderful combination has decrease the obvious appearance of my under eye area. I have used so many other eye products in the past and that did not work at all. I have tried using Hydra V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream on its own and the results is as amazing (Less obvious lines under eye). When use under make up, the foundation near the eye area will not dry up, giving you a beautiful look. Lancome’s Genifique Jeux Light Pearl is retailed at $93; Hydra V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream is retailed at $56.95.    
  2. Moisturiser-A good moisturiser is important is locking in moisture to maintain our skin’s water and oil balance. Even though I was using SKII’s stem power in the past, I wanted to try something else. I have always wanted to try La Mer so La Mer it is. The Moisturising Gel Cream is chosen because it was spring/summer when I got it. It provides enough moisture and does not cause any oiliness on the fussy T-Zone. Concerns: I wanted to fight gravity plus moisturise my skin. Thoughts and Comments: Beautiful product especially in moisturising, however, is it can brighten/whiten the skin, I will be a happy girl, am I asking for too much? LOL. I shall hunt that all in one moisturiser down! I will definitely go for The Moisturising Soft cream  in the colder days. Retailed at $225 for 30 mls.  
  3. Essense/on the go Spray: SKII Mid-Day and Mid night miracle essence. Both are easy to use and travel with. As a long term user of the FTE, the mid-day and midnight essence is nothing new to me but, it is indeed an inflight essentials and facial spray on the go. Retailed for $75 for 50 mls.
  4. Hydra V Mist device: An ultrasonic mist device which won’t ruin your make up, can be sprayed over make up. Provides hydration and protection, the essence contained precious Norwegian Fjord water, Hawaiian Acai and Himalayan pink salt.
  5. Hydra V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate: One of the best, highest CP Value hydrating serum I have ever used! Concerns: I am battling dehydrated skin for years now as a result of weather, constant change of shift, stress and perhaps not drinking enough water (I normally drink 1.5L a day). Thoughts and Comments: This serum can boost skin’s hydration up to 184% IMMEDIATELY! the Beautiful thing of this serum is it can be layered a few times according to your skin’s hydration state. Non greasy, does not cause oiliness to my skin, perfect under make up so your foundation won’t cake as a result of dehydrated skin. Retailed for $85.95.

Thanks for reading. I am trying a few skincare products as we speak and reviews will be up soon.



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