Dressing up for an important event.

Hi All, how are we all doing? I hope we are all doing well, sorry for not blogging for a while, I was sick and that just tool everything away from me. Anyway, I want to share my own experience of dressing up for an important event. Preparing the skin, hair, outfit, accessories and make up will be included in this post, Enjoy. =)

Let’s start by preparing the skin and hair for an important event.

First of all, let’s start with skincare. Using a mask at least a week before an important event is important in ensuring your needs/concerns are addressed. Using mask after exfoliation will enhance the effects of the mask that we are using, (PS: I exfoliate 2 times a week religiously). Hydration mask is what I normally choose before an important event to ensure that my make up does not cake due to dehydrated skin. 

 Next on, hair. I have to admit that I don’t do hair mask on a regular basis which is very naughty of me. I normally use Lush’s Root treatment on my roots then Essential’s hair mask on my hair. Due to sensitive scalp, I only use Sukin’s Organic Shampoo, nothing else. I then find a good hair dresser and get my hair washed and blow dry before the event as I can’t achieve what I want with limited tools I have at home, plus, it is nice to have your hair washed in a salon from time to time.

Body care: Always use a good body cream and exfoliator. Currently using Body shop’s exfoliator for the body and then their famous Vitamin E body cream. I will have more body products to share in the future as I have super dry skin that my skin will just crack and peel off if I use boy shampoo sold in supermarkets. 

 Outfit, that was my headache!!! I bought 2 new dresses for this event and didn’t even wear it as I thought they are not really appropriate. I then found my life saver in my cupboard. Shoes: I initially wanted to wear flats but the overall effect is not as great if I wear flats, my BFF Yun then borrowed me her heels and that really saved my life even though I had to practice walking on it for half an hour before the event. (Hvnt worn a 4 inch heels in ages!!!) Dad thoughtfully left my flats in the car so I can change into it if I have sore feet. How nice of dad.

Outfit worn:

Dress by Review, Flats by Witchery, Heels by Zalora, Belt by Review, Bracelet by Tiffany & Co, Watch by Rolex with a nato strap, Purse by Prada, gold and white gold rings, pearl ear rings and I am set! 

 Make up:

I wanted to achieve clear skin with NO OILY T ZONE due to the hot weather. I DID NOT WANT MY MAKE UP TO MELT halfway/at the start of the event.

Once again, I used a mask in the morning. I ensure that my face is clean (washed using Artistry’s Hydra V Cleanser, a non drying cleanser for my troubled skin). I then prepped my skin with Hydra V’s Skin conditioner, serum, eye cream and Moisturiser. 

 I then use Jurlique’s Rose Silk Finishing Powder to prepare my skin before I apply my foundation. Yes, you can use loose powder before applying foundation to ensure your make up can last longer without using a primer. I then mix Chanel’s Le Blanc (30 beige) and CC cream(20 beige) to create the look I wanted as my colour is between 20 and 30. IN addition, as you can see, the consistency of the CC cream is thicker (may dry up my skin on the nose and cheek area) and the consistency of Le Blanc is thinner (may cause OILY T ZONE if worn for a longer period of time). This combination is perfect for my skin. 

 I then use NARS’ Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner. Tip: Ensure you powder your eye lid/eye area to prevent smearing of the eye liner. A good friend of mine gave this to me as I didn’t believe applying eyeliner can be this easy. The best thing is it contains a sharpener at the end and that you can sharpen the eye liner if you wanted to draw a thinner line. Such a Beautiful product! 

 Next on, the most beautiful eye and cheek palette I have bought and the award goes to——– TOM FORD! This is a limited edition piece and I was so glad that we bought it from the US as it was SOLD OUT before it’s launched in the counters in AUS. The “eye and cheek compact in Pink Glow”. I have this love hate relationship with palette because many of us will not use every colour in a palette and I have used every colour in this palette. I used all three colours on the left for my eyes and both colours for my cheeks. Just mix and create that colour you want. =) 

 Thanks for reading. I hope this post will give you lovelies some ideas on how to prepare, look beautiful and feel great on that big day of yours.


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