Full review of the Chanel medium tote

Hey everyone. How are we doing? I just got back from Sydney. It has been another lovely trip. 

I have been wanting to do a full review of the chanel medium tote. 

There are two ways to use the bag. As a top handle or as a sling bag. The sling is not too long. Thus, beautifully lays on the side when you are using it as a sling bag. 

The size is just right for me. I can fit my A4 documents in it which is very handy. It is a very good travel bag as well because of its size. 

Now let’s look at the details.  

 Very detailed logo. I love the grain calf skin because it is so much easier to maintain compared to lamb skin. When I saw it online, I thought it looks like Prada’s saffiano leather, but when I had a closer look, I like the grained calf skin better. 

Front look. That compartment can be used.

Back look, another compartment.

Tips and tricks, release the button when not in use. 

The inside has for a few compartments which is very handy. Easy to find what is inside as well. 

Why I like this bag:

1) easy to use, 

2) good size 

3) I love its leather

Thanks for reading. 


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