Product Review: Artistry’s Hydra V Mist Device

Hey Everyone? How are we all doing? I am down with a viral infection and upper airway inflammation, not too well. Getting frequent chills with associated headache, nausea and bone aches. However, I want to share limited edition product I discovered recently by Artistry. If you read my ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’, you would have seen a limited edition Artistry hydra V Advanced hydration kit. In that little kit comes a little handy mist device. Christmas Gift Ideas

‘Hydra V is a comprehensive collection of hydrating skincare products inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research, designed to provide a complete, targeted system for both immediate and lasting deep hydration benefits.

With completely new formulas, the products look and feel as fresh and youthful as the way they leave skin. Designed to achieve the best hydration for every skin type.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection is the ultimate in pure hydration. Skin surges with vitality and feels refreshingly beautiful.’ Sourced from

The followings are the main points that attracted me to buy this product:
1) It is an ultrasonic mist device which vibrates 115,000 ties per second, this means that the particles are very small (micro-sized) and are more easily absorbed by the skin to fight dryness.

2) It contains moisture retention barrier on the skin’s surface acting as a barrier to keep the skin protected, moisturised.

3) It can be used over make up without smudging (Proven!!!)

4) UV cleansing function for hygiene purposes.

5) Small, easy to to travel due to its size.
(Summarised from Hydra V Mist device manual)

Now, let’s talk about the essence that we put in in, the essence mist refill. The device is amazing, but, let’s not forget another important element, the refill/essence that we are actually putting on our face. It contains Norwegian Fjord water to moisturize and to protect the skin.

Comes in a big set, but, we are going to focus only on the mist device and the essence refill. 

 Mist Device:
Comes in a box, with manual, 2 AAA manual and the mist device. Made in Korea.

I will then show how to use the device. How to use the mist device 

Next on is the Essence Mist refill, comes in 6 bottles of 9ml vials. 

Comments and thoughts:
1) The particles are really small, making it more easier to be absorbed. I gently pad my skin after a spray.
2) It does not smudge my makeup because of it’s small particles.
3) When we think of mist, we think of hydration, but this mist protects out skin, another plus.

Thank you for reading, I know I have been posting a lot of Artistry products lately, this is because I discovered this brand quite recently and am loving it!!! I hope you do too.

PS: the lady in the YouTube clip is Keiko Tsuji, crowned miss japan 2014 and represented japan in Miss Universe 2014. If she is using Artistry, I think it is worth giving it a try. 



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