Hydration Kit (2015 Favourite)

Hello Everyone, how are we? I hope all is well. Hotter days are coming, it is going to be around 25-30 degrees this week in Melbourne, WOOHOO!

Hydration mist has played an important part in my life, I have used them for a long while, however, I have seen it evolve from just hydration spray to spray that can be used to set make up, and even better, ultrasonic mist device.

I have started using Jurlique’s Mist since a few years ago, hydrating, lovely scent, I use it as a toner normally. I have also used their citrus, lavender series, but I love their rosewater the most. =) I am still using it from time to time. 

 SKII’s Midday Miracle essence, launched this year, I love it so much at the start because of its size, easy to use. I use it inflight, morning or when I need a freshen up. I used it to set my make up too. Can penetrate through your skin to lock in moisture. 

 SKII Midnight Miracle essence, launched the same year as well, it has got that minty scent. Best to use use at night, but I sometimes use it in the morning when it is warm, just to get that cooling effect.  

 Artistry hydra V mist device, an ultrasonic device delivering micro sized Norwegian Fjord water particles, vibrating 115,000 times per second. This will be a good travel size hydrating mist. Hydra V Mist Device Full Product Review 

Thanks for reading and Stay Hydrated.


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