Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello everyone, how are we all doing? I hope all is well, I was expecting some rain today as per the weather forecast but it didn’t, it was sunny! Hooray.

Christmas is around the corner and it is a great time to shop for limited items and more. I want to share great Christmas gift ideas in this post.

There are 3 packs I want to share in this post.

1) The Artistry Youth Xtend Basic system with lotions. The Youth Xtend line targets to reduce signs of wrinkles, lines and loss of radiance. This lovely pack comes with 4 products.
a) Youth Xtend Rich Cleansing Foam
-Rich foaming cleanser that removes dirt, traces of make up and impurities.
-Contains skin conditioning agents, e.g., oat extract.

b) Youth Xtend Softening Lotion
-The toning lotion gently prepares the skin for the next ‘treatment’, e.g., enhance serum absorption.

c) Youth Xtend Protecting Lotion
-Contains SPF 15 (broad spectrum UVA/UVB), lightweight day time lotion to improve radiance and clarity, ideal for normal to combination skin type.

d) Youth Xtend Enriching Lotion
-Help repair skin at night, reducing wrinkles and lines, improves moisture level.
Retailed for AUD $299.41. 

 Thoughts and comments:
This pack is an ideal starter pack for one who is ready to take anti-ageing seriously. This pack is actually for my mum who lives in Malaysia, due to the hot and humid weather, I don’t think she needs a product that is too rich. It is also ideal for myself (26 Years YOUNG) Living in Melbourne (or anywhere in the world with dry climate for spring/summer). I will have to Explore their cream during autumn/winter.

2) Second Pack is the Artistry Hydra V Advanced hydration Kit! It contains a mist device (Which I will review in detail in the near future), Essence Mist refill (9mlsX6 bottles), Ampoule mask (30GX5 sheets) and the Ultimate Vital Skin Serum Concentrate. This is a Limited Edition Product. Lilian was showing me how great the mist device was and I didn’t buy it at that instance, but, I am glad I bought it eventually, the mist device is THA BOMB!!!!!

Hydra V is belongs to Artistry’s hydration series. This packs targets hydration which is my 24/7 all year round concern. This is a gift for myself (Christmas came early every year).
Please refer to the link for more information about the Hydra V series. In detail.
Hydra V Series

Retailed for AUD $249.95. 

 3) Last but not least, Loccitane’s Advent Calendar. I saw this on Facebook during my break at work and I was like, OMG! I am getting it. Contains 24 little products by Loccitane, mostly body care. I bought this because I know I will surely use them. I missed Benefit’s advent Calendar last year, had to call ALL Benefits’ counters in the whole Australia (YES I DID) but they are all sold out. I know they are launching it this year again, but I didn’t buy it as I know I won’t be using all of it. 

 Retailed for AUD $70, such a good price.

I am going to be a spoiler and show you guys what will you get in this little surprise pack. 

 I would love love love this for Christmas.
Jo Malone’s Advent Calendar, I asked in the counters in DJ and Myers, they are not selling it, however, the boutique is. (I think there is only one boutique in Australia and it’s in Sydney) 

The benefits advent calender that I missed last Xmas.  

 That is it. Thank you for reading. What is on your beauty wishlist for this Christmas? Please share by commenting below.

This post is inspired by Lilian. 🙂 



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