Current Skincare Routine 2015 Spring/Summer

Hey Everyone, How are we all doing? It’s a beautiful 33 degree day in Melbourne, Woohoo! I am currently enjoying the sunshine, yay.

Introduction: As I age, my skin seems to get more sensitive and crazy, e.g., I get small patches of huge breakout when the weather changes. However, I can get rid of that breakout within a few days with the correct regime. Thank God for that. My current target is to get my skin rehydrated.

Cleanser: Currently using the body shop’s Seaweed Deep cleansing Facial Wash. I personally think that it is more suitable for spring summer because I will have to use cleansing milk or cleanser for dry/sensitive skin on autumn/winter. I have no problem with this cleanser as we speak, so I am quite happy with it. This is my second tube. I use Clarisonic at least 3 times a week, I used to use it everyday, but I have cut that down as I now exfoliate 2 times a week now. 

 Toner: I am currently rotating it between La Mer’s The Treatment Lotion and SKII’s Facial Treatment Lotion. I use La Mer’s Treatment Lotion normally at night for extra hydration and to help the serum to absorb better. SKII’s Facial treatment clear lotion is very gentle on the skin. I love its no alcohol, no fragrance formula. 

 Essence: SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence is my holy grail essence. I will use Mid-day/Midnight miracle essence from time to time. This Pitera rich product helps with clarity, hydration and can calm the skin. 

 Serum: Currently using Artistry’s Hydra V Vital skin serum concentrate and Shiseido’s White Lucent Total brightening serum. Targeting rehydration and to improve my skin’s clarity and evenness. Full review link is as follow.
Click here. For artistry hydra V 
Click here for shiseido white Lucent  

Moisturiser: Currently using Gel De La Mer, once again, wanting to rehydrate my skin, this formula is perfect for spring/summer. Will have to use the soft cream during autumn/winter. 

 Weekly treatment: I use face oil 3-4 times a week to boost hydration. Mask, that includes sheet mask or mask from a tube. =) 

 Thanks for reading, stay beautiful.


5 thoughts on “Current Skincare Routine 2015 Spring/Summer

  1. I missed using SK II facial treatment line. I kinda stop using it for a few months now. It’s weird but I felt like my skin got used to these products to the point that it’s not doing much at all to my skin. My skin was never on the dry side before using SK-II FT line. But I noticed my old combination skin becomes dry now. I loved it but maybe it’s not for me.

    1. Hey Herl, I am a long term user of SKII and yes I feel you, I am slowly switching to other brands now as I feel that there is no breakthrough and it stays stagnant. My skin has changed for the better after using SKII but there are so much skincare out there waiting for me to try, so I can’t wait, my current love is Artistry. Cheaper compared to SKII but works better on my skin which I am happy.

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