Little Getaway To Sydney

October has been a very hectic month for me, I am actually looking forward to the next few month because summer, christmas is around the corner. I can actually sit back, relax and do things i like. This little getaway to Sydney is much much much needed as I think I was at the edge of breaking down because of the stress I was facing.

Anyhow, it was a great pleasure to be back in Sydney again, even though for a few days. On the first day, I went to Chatswood for a good relaxing massage and facial on wednesday at Pure @ Beauty. Their address is 62/47 Neridah Street Chatswood, phone number 02-98847828. The massage itself was good. my neck was playing up again that time and i did not sleep well for a week because of that. I was in a horrible state. After the 30 mins massage (due to my tight schedule), I feel like a new person, I feel refreshed for the whole day despite the lack of sleep and actually stayed up till 3am the following night, LOL. The owner of the shop is very very very experienced, kind, friendly and her customer service is EXCELLENT! I could then finally move my neck and be a normal person again. 

 I came again on wednesday to have a facial done, once again, the owner is kind enough to start her business early to fit me and Val in for the service. She is just too kind. Facial comes with complementary eye brow shaping (waxing) and facial hair waxing. My brows are presentable once again, so happy that I am looking like a human at the end of it. Her facial normally comes with massage as well, but due to the tight schedule, I only did Facial and no massage (Excluding face massage, face massage is included in the facial). Artistry Youth Extend was used on my face, this is my first time using this product, my skin feels so soft and moistured, it lasted the whole day even though I flew back to Melbourne that night. My experience at Pure @ Beauty is wonderful and I would Like to share it with you all you who live in Sydney so you guys can experience the same too.

Food: Tim Ho Wan is finally here in Australia!!!! We had lunch there and it was amazing, taking the traditional dim sum to another whole new level! WIN! 

Pishon cafe in Eastwood, again, I have a lot of memories in this cafes, the settings and such remained the same in the last 1.5 years. I feel so much younger. 

 Jongga Jip Korean BBQ in Eastwood, Eastwood has a special place in my heart because I Was living in that area while I Was in sydney. Best Korean BBQ ever! 

Ippudo at Westfield, tried their limited edition or should I say seasonal Ramen, love this place. 

 Last but not least, Lid & Jars, beautifully designed place, great for dining in, let the pictures talk for now. 

Thanks for reading.


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